Wandering in Aubrac

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Our Guest House – L’ANNEXE D’AUBRAC 

Located on the main square in the middle of the village, the building’s massive facade stands out. We got there in the early evening, around 7pm and got in through the garden as Virginie was busy there setting up a few tables. She led us through the kitchen, introduced her to Didier with whom she manages the guest house, and showed us to our room. At the time, our first step in the house felt like going through a maze of hallways and living rooms, all decorated with hunting trophies and variegated items bought here and there, some of them looking like they came from another time. A somewhat incongruous assortment making a coherent whole. Unique, beautiful.

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Each one of the rooms has its own identity. One clearly influenced by Transylvanian themes, the one next to it has a Russian accent, another one, obviously, is all about the plateaus of Aubrac. That’s our room for the next couple of nights, cosy, romantic, a massive bed, two bathtubs in the bathroom, wood and stone everywhere, mirrors… The decoration is elaborate and simple at the same time, and the result in just stunning.


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Virginie and Didier, our hosts, were regular guests in this house, when Catherine Painvin, creator of Tartine et Chocolat, owned the place. They naturally decided to take over when she decided to move on to other adventures, l’Annexe d’Aubrac was born.

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