Wandering in Ariège

A few weeks ago, we spent a week-end in Ariège, in Orus to be precise, with a couple of friends. We stayed at Thomas’s parents’ house, an old shepherd’s house on the side of the mountain. Good friends, a few drinks, melting cheese and magical scenery. What more could you possibly need?

Let’s look back on these good times with mother nature.

Soulcem dam and pond

You need approximately 45 minutes to drive from Tarascon sur Ariège (closest city to Orus) to the dam. We stopped a couple of times in the way for Phoenix to get acquainted with the bottom of the stream while fully dressed (told you, good times). So yes, it took a little longer for us, but it was totally worth it.

Phoenix x Thomas after the above-mentioned dip


Port et Etang de Lers

45 more minutes later, we arrived at Port de Lers. I know I talk about the colors of Autumn in all my posts, but let’s face it, that is the time of the year where nature is the most beautiful. Thoses mixes of ocher, brown, red, green, are second to none. The road to Port de Lers is sublime, especially in the Autumn light. Although it must look pretty good in the snow as well… Snow does make everything look magical. That will be for next time!


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