Wandering at l’Espiguette

The Plage de l’Espiguette is a large wild beach in Camargue.

A blogtrip organised by la Plage des Pieds Nus and the “Pintade of Montpellier”.

Mas de l’Espiguette

A really good team of passionate people that offers horseriding trips in the middle of the ponds, marshes, pinewoods and dunes..


Les Pieds Nus

My favorite private beach in Montpellier area.. Les Pieds Nus is far from the city, surrounded by wild landscapes. There, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere prevails.

In summer, you can come at any time during the day, and enjoy the beach, nautical activities, a drink or a damn good meal (you have to try the lemon pie !) ! Or all of the above !



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