Roammates – The Lieutenant’s Conversion – Vol.1

Howdy al!

It’s been a while, but the conversion of the Lieutenant is taking all of our time! We have created a YouTube channel a month ago, to show what we’re doing and how. I still think it is worth sharing some of it over here as well, but if you want to subscribe to our channel and share with your friends, feel free!

As I said in a previous post, the heavy work had already been done in Picardie with the help of professionals, it is now up to us to do the actual conversion part!


In our first video, we are finishing sanding the truck with a circular sander machine (125mm 260W, Black & Decker), light, easy to handle. Make sure the paper isn’t too coarse, but besides that, no real issue with this step! This is just done so that paint sticks when you get to that part.

We have also built a tent for the Lieutenant. Weather can change very fast in the mountains, and we want to be able to protect the truck, especially since we are planning to cut a hole in the roof at some point!



In the second video, we are fixing, strengthening the roof with resing and fiberglass. A job that needs to be done because our roof is actually made of two parts that were cut and put together. The junction had to be rigidified, and fiberglass is perfect for that. It’s not even that hard, but it can get a bit messy!

You can buy fiberglass in large sheets that cou will cut down to the desired dimensions. A few layers will do the trick, just make sure you cover an area large enough so that the pieces you stick cover both parts over the junction.

Resin can be used on its own, but it will dry faster if you add a hardener. Don’t use too much or you won’t have time to use all your resin!

Here’s how you do it: apply a first coat of resin with a brush or a roll. Stick you fiberglass, then soak it with resin, making sure you don’t leave air bubbles underneath. And don’t soak it too much or it might fall, especially if you’re working on a ceiling (floors and vertical surfaces are easier).

There, you are now ready!

After the roof, the floor! You may, like us, have a few holes in the floor of your van. No worries,, if you were able to do the roof, anything else will be a walk in the park. The process is exactly the same. A few things though:

– if the holes are big, you might want to cover them, for example with aluminium tape. It will provide a support for the fiberglass while it’s drying
– cut your fiberglass bit to the perfect size, especially if your floor is crenelated like ours
– use a brush rather than a roll

That’s our first conversion post, more to come soon! Feel free to ask any question you may have and I will try to answer as best as I can!


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