Roammates – The Lieutenant’s Conversion – Vol.2

It is now time to start the actuall conversion work.

When we are wandering the European roads (for now), we will need good insulation. Especially since we’ll be leaving in autumn and staying in the mountains a lot. It might get cold!


After considering a bunch of options, we decided to fix our insulation on “brackets” that we will previously have stuck on the walls and roof of our van. The main advantage of this solution, compared to glueing the insulation directly on the walls, is that it will leave room for air between those walls and the insulation sheets, and therefore create even better insulation! Smart!

The first video shows us cutting somewhere around 250 of those “brackets” that we then stick onto the walls and roof, everywhere there will be insulation (no need to do it where you’ll have a window!). Just make sure you’re using the proper glue (if your wall is made of plastic, metal…), and this is a very straightforward, although quite long, process.




Like I said, our adventure might take us all over the place, and we don’t know how long we’ll be gone. In consequence, we need to be ready for any kind of weather, ie our insulation needs to be the best it can be!

One layer won’t do it, noooo. We are combining different kinds of insulation, (depending on the type of surface we’re covering (resin, metal) it might need to be breathing material or not), each with a certain number of layers. In the end we might be able to drive to the moon! Which isn’t that much of a stretch, as some of the stuff we’re using is also used to build aircrafts… We”re not joking when it comes to insulation!

All you need to do with our technique using brackets, is to cut your insulation material to the required dimensions, and staple it onto the brackets. You can give it a double tap on the roof to make sure it stays in place, and that’s it.

Next step, the skylight!


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