Roammates – The Lieutenant’s Conversion – Vol.3

Tough subject today, a major source of problems on the road: the skylight!

What about the skylight?

Especially, why is the skylight such a scary point? Mainly, because having one means you need to cut a huge hole in the roof of your truck, which is scary in itself. Good thing is, we have some help for those tough manoeuvres, and someone who knows the roof like the back of his hand, since he’s the one who actually put it there.

Having that hole means potential watertightness problems. That is your skylight’s main goal, being watertight.

That’s why cutting a hole can be scary, but it is also the easiest part. What comes after is a bigger challenge!

Step by step

The first step, as we said, is cutting. Trace your lines, check once, twice, 20 times. When you are absolutely sure you got the measurements right, get cutting!

Second step: the frame. If you need one, and that would depend on what kind of roof you have, its shape, the material it’s made of (crenelated resin for us), you will need a frame on which you can screw the skylight (and the insulation).

Third step: watertightness ! This is the most tedious part, by far.. It took us a week of coating, wainting for it to dry, sanding, coating again, waiting, sanding… This is NOT something you want to take a chance on.

Fourth step: installation! Put the skylight on its frame. Is there a bit of slack, can you see between the skylight and the frame? No ? Then use some mastic glue to stick the upper part of the skylight, push down hard. When it is well in place, you can screw the middle part of the skylight from the inside of the van. And once the plywood around the skylight is in place as well, you can screw the bottom part of the skylight over it. That’s it, take a breath, you’re done!

Last step: take a peak through your skylight and give yourself a pat on the back. That’s an important part of the process!

Watch the full video to see how we did it.

In the next one, we’ll talk about plywood, those beautiful panels covering the walls of the Lieutenant.

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