Up – First time paragliding

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend dozens of minutes in the air.. it was the perfect first time paragliding when you know that it was Michel, a friend of my boyfriend’s family, who took me up in the air above Port de Lers, a place that I particularly like..

Here is my first time paragliding in a few numbers: two actual flights (one lasted 10mn, the other 30), billions of shivers, two landings, one of which bumpier than the other, two dozen mountains, seven or eight cows and a flock of sheep seen fro the sky, gorgeous shades of autumnal colors, gorgeous shades of green and blue on my calf that are very, very slowly fading away, love at first sight for the Col de la Rose and its Courtal de Larmada (a cowherd’s cabin), dozens of breathtaking sights at each turn, hundreds of differents, somewhat conflicting emotions… all in all, one massive slap in the face!
I had never felt how fragile my existence was.. I was going back and forth between the amazement of seeing these landscapes, the very unique sensation of flying in the open air, and the fear of falling.. intense waves of emotions all along the flight, which didn’ keep me from going back for seconds, for a higher and longer flight!
Take a look at me up there under that sail.. Michel was taking care of everything while I only had to enjoy the view and the sound of the wind blowing between the strings..

I will now let the pictures and the video speak for themselves!


Contact : Volarem tan que Pourem !


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