Wandering in Slovenia : Ljubljana

It’s almost getting difficult to find original ways to start those articles, as every city we arrive in becomes an instant favorite… That being said, I’m not even overdoing it, I promise! This time, we’re heading to Slovenia, and more accurately Ljubljana, the capital… Change of scene guaranteed!

One thing you need to know (because the Slovenian capital might not be the first places that pops up in your mind when planning your next vacation… which is a mistake!), only 250k (approx.) separate Ljubljana from Venice, which takes 2 and a half hours by car on the motorway (don’t forget to buy e sticker at the border to be allowed to drive on Slovenian motorways). This perfect combination is therefore easily doable, satisfaction once again guaranteed!


Ljubljana is (so far!), the city where I can most picture myself living a long happy life! A city with human proportions, a capital which means you can find everything you need, nice and smily people, a pretty rivers going through, some room left for nature… Even though we had our ups and downs during our first days there, as this is when we spotted the oil leak under the Lieutenant. Followed by the quest for a workshop big enough to take our rolling home in. After 48h of going back and forth and back again, of pressure, of questioning whether or not we should continue our adventure (go home or not?), Span Autocenter, where everyone did their best to help us get back on the road as quickly as possible, worked their magic! Besides this happy ending, we had found free parking space, power included, to spend the nights… All in all, those first steps could have gone worse… And were quickly forgotten!

We made up with the city in no time. Once we had parked near the center and stepped outside, it may have taken 30 minutes, max. First, because Tivoli park is located 10 minutes away for the center on foot, you can park there for 60 cents an hour (free at night), which is pretty cool, especially as the park is absolutely gorgeous… And huge (as big as Central Park for 280,000 inhabitants!)… And second, because once you are in the center, you feel like you have just stepped in another world… Kinda like a fairy tale… Nestle in the meander of Ljubljanica river, the historical center of the city is just sumptuous. Cobbled streets, fountains, stone bridges, old castle on a hill, it’s all there!

Our first visit, started in the early afternoon at Cacao, on the terrace, with ice-cream that rivals, if not more, its Italian neighbors, was an immense joy after a few days spent in various workshops… So, we strolled (Nel included!), with no real purpose, just enjoying being outside in the beautiful winter sunlight, before sitting at another terrace, at Pop’s place, to play cards at the end of the day drinking Spritz, of course. And then we went home for dinner.

The next day, we decided to “climb” the hill to get to the castle. Climb is a relative term, obviously, as it barely takes 10 minutes to get up there! Which you should by taking Reber street, that leads to an old stairway going all the way to the top. From there you will have a nice view of the city and its surroundings. This walk, although quite short, made us hungry, so we started looking for a kosilo… What is this, you ask? A kosilo is a very affordable lunch menu. They are not always advertised, so don’t hesitate to ask… You can have a whole meal for 6 or 7 euro! Following a tip from locals, we sat at Vander, where there is a slightly more expensive kosilo (10 euro per person), a difference in price that taste and view easily made up for! A few more kilometers after that and we ended our day, as happy as ever!

Just like Venice, it was hard for us to leave without saying goodbye. So, we went back a third time just for the morning. Besides, Thomas still had ice-cream flavors he needed to try. If you do visit Ljubljana, you have to have ice-cream of a slice of cake at Cacao… Then it was time… We left the capital to reach the north of the country and Bled… But this will be for another post!


Cacao :

Petkovškovo nabrežje 3
The name says it all, don’t lose too much time with the sorbets here… The best items are chocolate-based ice-cream flavors!

Pop’s place :

Cankarjevo nabrežje 3
We only had a drink there (Aperol Spritz), but the burgers on the table next to us looked amazing!

Vander :

Krojaska Ulica 6–8
A hotel restaurant… The terrace is on the corner of the building with a great view on the walk along the Ljubljanica river… a true delight, great kosilo for 10 euro!

Gud Shop :

Stari trg 4
An adorable little interior design shop… I bought a couple of cards to decorate the van, one of which was made by a local artist who painted the banks of the Ljubljanica river, an absolute wonder… They are on instagram if you want to have a look..

night spots

Parc Tivoli :

28a Celovska Cesta.

Right at the gate, two parking areas, one for cars and vans (big one on the left, where we parked), the other one for camping-cars (on the right).

Parking entrée sud-est de la ville :

145 Trzaska Cesta. ree in the low season (at least we didn’t have to pay!) and power is free as well.
However, on Park4Night, people stated it was 1.20e/day and free only on weekends. Cards apparently available at terminals for services.


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