Today, in order to catch up (many apologies, time flies!), especially on our actual geographical location, we’ll be talking about Austria!


Our itinerary in the Danube valley started in Vienna. A capital you should definitely visit if you’re into history, architecture or art in general. The center of the city has this atmosphere that reminds you of imperial greatness, something you only find in cities loaded with history. Of course, we couldn’t not make the detour and go to Sacher for a well-deserved slice of cake after a few kilometers walking through the capital. Before going back into the wild!

So, mainly, I’d like to talk about our itinerary in the Danube valley. Because first, it is sublime, and second, because it is punctuated with old town and majestic abbeys. And I mean that! Some of those abbeys could hold their own compared to many castles. Like Göttwieg abbey, overlooking the surrounding vineyards from the top of a hill. And since I’m mentioning castles, I have to talk about Dürnstein castle. For the charm of the village, and also because this is where Richard Lionheart was imprisoned in 1192-1193, a period during which the legend of Robinhood was born (you can learn a lot when you live in a van!). And what about Schönbuhel castle, almost standing in the water of the Danube? Pretty nice!

Besides those gorgeous views, it was two birds one stone for us, as the Danube valley also allowed us to reach the lake region and one of the stops we had bookmarked for a long time: Hallstatt! At least on paper, because I thought Traunsee was better by some distance. We actually couldn’t park in Hallstatt, which turned out ok as we were able to properly enjoy a much better view from the opposite side of the lake! There is indeed a nice path the starts from Obertraun and goes all the way to Hallstatt station from where you can take a ferry to the village (I believe it was 5 euro round trip for one person)… But as I said, we chose to stay on that side of the lake to get a better view of the famous clock tower and the surrounding mountains… To make it even better, Nel showed real progress with the leash that day. It was a great moment for everyone! Most of those lake, like Hallstattersee, Wolfgangsee, Traunsee or Mondsee, are surrounded by mountains, even steep cliffs, which makes for breathtaking views. I particularly like the atmosphere in Traukirchen at the end of the day… the light filtered between the mountains, the veil hovering above the lake giving it a fjord-y feeling… I also love walking through Toscanapark a bit further north of Traunsee. There is a lovely castle there that looks like it’s floating, and many wooden decks to go diving in the summer… So many beautiful landscapes and memories, and I will now let you have a look for yourselves through my photos!


However, because vanlife is full of surprises, good and bad, this will be, at least for now, my last post on Austria… because the lake region is where we had to say our goodbyes to this country, as some mechanical issues forced us to make the trip back to France for repairs.

Not to worry though, we are already back on the road… a bit further north… so we’ll be back soon for more adventures!



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