After a quick pitstop to fix a bad oil leak and a capricious electrical system, we are back on our adventures with the Lieutenant! This time, I am taking you on the roads of the Flat Country… Welcome to Belgium, home of waffles, mussels, fries and brick houses… More accurately, welcome to the beautiful city of Bruges, the little Venice of the north!


To you, it might have seemed like you just snapped your fingers, or more likely, it was just a matter of going from our last post on Danube valley to this one. But for us, a whole month went by since we were in Austria! After more than necessary repairs (oh how sweet it is to not have to worry anymore!), we hit the road (again) on April 26th. And, as we had to cross Tyrol and Bavaria off our list of destinations, we were able to add a couple others. Among which Belgium, obviously, and Bruges.

Just for this once, although it might happen again in the future, the format of the post will be different. As summer approaches and places are getting busier with tourists, and since we tend to stay away from crowded spots, streets, restaurants and bars, I don’t have any tips or good addresses to give you… this will look more like a little post card, with plenty of pictures!

Fortunately, the main interest about visiting Bruges doesn’t reside in its hype cafes! Seriously, check out how cute those streets and canals are! An ideal setting under the Belgian sun, perfect for an afternoon stroll! I will let you enjoy the pictures now…


Feel free to pin the picture below, that I created specially for Pinterest for you to find your way back to this article more easily !



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