After Belgium, our little crew stays on its course northbound. Come on, we’re going to the Netherlands, follow me into Zeeland!


Do not feel ashamed, we didn’t know where it was either! We had heard of the new one (although it’s spelled with an a rather than ee, and yes there is a part of Denmark that is called Zealand but New Zealand refers to the Dutch province and not to that part of Denmark, I have checked), never of the original Zeeland before we set wheels there… And let me tell you, that is the shameful part of it all, because Zeeland is awesome… some kind of explosion of green, bricks, bicycle tracks, all in front of a sea layout!

A flourishing countryside, untamed seaside, wide beaches, meadows as far as the eye can see punctuated with cows, sheep, horses, plenty of small farms each one cuter than the next, people riding their bike left and right (on bike paths as wide as the roads), windmills, canals… In short, our first Batavian kilometers were accompanied by a sense of total peace. A bucolic escape that, if the opportunity shows, you shouldn’t miss!

What made it even better, is that we were able to find on our itinerary a “mini-camping” (equivalent of an agritourism) near Gapinge, called Hoekvliet. All services included for 15,5€ for the both of us, clean, quiet, green, held by very friendly people. In a word, perfect!

As far as the countryside is concerned, Zeeland sets some very high standards. What about the cities? From the relative turmoil and excitement of Middelburg to the peace and quiet of Veere, including the small seaside towns of Zouteland and Westkapelle, they are all to be visited or at least driven through! Beautiful, human-scale cities where life seems peaceful, the way I like them. And then again, pictures will tell a better story than I can.

You probably got the point by now, whether it is in the cities or outside, Zeeland is a perfect place for a walk, a bike ride, or a road trip in your van. Out of time, peaceful, bucolic. You could almost see yourself move there!







– The whole of Walcheren peninsula, but more accurately:

  • The center of Veere and the windmill, after a nice drink next to the marina
  • Middelburg’s nice center. Stop at Robuust! for coffee!
  • Zoutelande’s beaches
  • Westkapelle’s lighthouse

– Further north, the Oosterscheldekering (you’re welcome!). This dam is the most important construction of the Delta works, with a length of approximately 9 kilometers between Schouwen-Duiveland and the island of Noord-Beveland. You probably get a better view when you drive from north to south tough!


To help you organise your trip, I drew a map of our itinerary in Zeeland… Have a nice trip!


– Mini camping Hoekvliet in Gapinge, 5 minutes from Veere.

– Parking area next to Plompetoren. Right next to the water and Burgh-Haamstede. Quiet despite a few people ride their bikes or having a stroll here and there. A great moment waking up there….



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